Sonal Mansingh

Centre for Indian Classical Dances


Dr. Sonal Mansingh established Centre for Indian Classical Dances in 1977 at Delhi. Her vision was to provide facilities for the training, research, performance and propagation of Indian classical performing arts tradition. The space available was the garage of her rented apartment in New Delhi. Now located in its own building in Gulmohar Institutional Area.

Fulfilling, because the beat and the melody of disciplined yet creative energies have never ceased to reverberate in that noble space.

Glorious, because innumerable young boys and girls, young and older men and women have imbibed the essential values, disciplines and beauty in their lives through the uncompromising training given here. They are now engaged in performing, teaching and spreading the message wherever they go.


Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, there were hardly any institutions in Delhi engaged in teaching Indian dance alongside its complementary disciplines of yoga, Sanskrit language and music. Thus CICD was a pioneer in not only providing such facilities in the Capital, but also in showcasing both young dancers and established artistes in regularly-held festivals. The Centre was also among the first to organise seminars. Workshops and special classes for socially-economically deprived children.

Therefore, the Centre requests all art lovers and socially responsible corporates to contribute to this art movement generated by consistent, continuous and dedicated work rendered by the Centre. It is for elevating social consciousness and a sense of balance and proportion in life through teaching and learning the fundamental values common to all mankind.
The Centre achieves this goal by preparing students to be alert, conscious, disciplined, focused and self-sufficient for only such persons can carry forward the goal of imbuing the world with beauty joy and aesthetic delight.


Over the last 38 years, the Centre has produced many outstanding dancers. Centre’s holistic approach to the teaching of dance benefits every student for the rest of their lives. There are hundreds of details about Indian culture that add a whole new dimension to perception of life. Unfortunately this dimension has been swamped out of our modern education system. Centre focuses on these details because it is only when the student is conscious about the significance of. Co-ordination and inner alignments between body-mind-spirit that they can become Extra-ordinary.